Thursday, August 26, 2010

Apartment pics, courtesy of Sprint Blackberry

The moving truck mystery has finally been solved! They packed up our stuff and took it to Vegas! Then they realized they'd made a they took it back to Brooklyn! After quite a number of phone calls all of this was straightened out (or so we think) and we should finally be expecting our stuff (for real this time) by Friday. So to celebrate my birthday and our two month anniversary (Aug 27th) we'll be unpacking boxes. Luckily for a newly wed this is a very romantic way to spend your birthday.

So in the event of not having anything other than one suitcase for the last month, I've learned that I really can live with less clothes than I thought I could. It's been very good for my character to have to wear the same three outfits in rotation my first three weeks in a new city. But seriously, I've been convicted! The other neat thing is that God is going to help me honor my conviction (about having too many clothes) by moving us into an apartment that has enough storage space to hold approximately 1/4th of my current clothes- not including Michael's. So it's going to be a very fun challenge to downsize dramatically on what we have.
Here's the living room:

Here's the cute bathroom (it's the kind that really only holds one person at a time!)

Our adorable little bedroom: first pic shows the bed, then when you turn around there's the closet!

These pics were taken w/ my phone b/c our camera is dead and the charger is in the moving truck! So hopefully some better pictures (and furniture!) will come later :)


Michael said...

She may only have three outfits, but she's a master at making it look like 10 or so! (hubby)

Princeton Yoga Summer 201 said...

Adorable, Hannah! I can't wait to visit! Thanks so much for posting these for me :)

Princeton Yoga Summer 201 said...

Princeton Yoga Summer 201 is Elizabeth, by the way. I don't know why it posted me as that! ha!

ugrey said...

Which one is MY room??????

Thats not an apartment, thats a closet!!!!

Cheer up, you will laugh about this, in 20 or 30 years......... maybe?

Where does the Piano go?

Can you swing a dead cat in there????

I am sorry, I could not help myself, I'm a BAD Uncle.

God loves you and so do I.


not a slave said...

I miss you! this is cute!