Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please please please

So I support this adorable, amazing Bangladeshi family who are "native missionaries" to their country, meaning they came to faith in Christ and now they giving their lives to share the message of God's love with their people. They are in pretty critical need of support (did you know that almost all native missionaries from countries in Asia still have to get their support from the US? That means they're trained to contact strangers and ask them for many Christians-- with money-- would you know if you were born and raised in a Muslim country that persecuted Christians?) So if you're praying about or open to giving to them, PLEASE DO. Or maybe you don't feel that you have money to give right now but are open to ways you can still serve the global church with what you DO have. You could just write a letter of encouragement to them, and that would still be an AMAZING gift to this precious family who is laboring for the Gospel with hardly any network of support and encouragement. This would take probably 15 minutes and it would dramatically impact people you might be spending eternity with!!

"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all- especially to those who are part of the family of believers" Galatians 6:10

Here is an excerpt from one of their most recent letters to me:

"Sister & Brother, Bangladesh as a Muslim country we do not make our website (about Ministry detail) for our security. Also we can not express our thought & ministry news nicely as we are so poor in English. That why people some time do not like our note / message.

But Sister , God knows, how difficulties we have to face here, I am not talking about just financially. Persecution is always here. Threaten is daily matter for our staffs. Also monthly 1 / 2 news have come that some of our staff have been persecuted by People.

I am writing this. So that when you share about us to other, you can express our thought & problem"

If you want to write to them or want any more information, please ask me!!!

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