Tuesday, November 16, 2010

God's Fridge

A missionary that I admire once spoke on ministry, and how all of our best attempts (and even our most “successful” encounters) really don’t “impress” God. In the grand scheme of God the Artist, even the most gifted or qualified person’s ministry looks like childish scribbles. Don’t let this depress you- because God the Artist is delighted with our efforts to please and emulate Him and He hangs them on His fridge. He doesn’t mock our ultimately silly imitations of what we’ve seen Him do, just like a good father doesn’t mockingly point out that houses aren’t really purple and Daddy’s legs are disproportionately long compared to the rest of his body (good thing too, or my artistic endeavors would have been crushed long ago!)

This weekend my husband and I shared Jesus with the guy next to us on the plane and with our taxi driver, and we had no idea what we were doing. We made somewhat of a mess of things and walked away thinking “we have no idea if that went well or not!” And the feeling I got was, “that’s OK.” I think our silly little pictures of love for God and our messy attempts at sharing Him are hanging on His fridge right now.

(And I'm never going to get better at doing the things I want to do (ie. share the Gospel!) if I don't actually do it and learn as I go. There's no class I can take that will prepare me for perfection before I just start opening my mouth! That is one of the things God likes about our scribbles, I think. Because then we're giving Him something to work with!)

So yea, God's fridge has a lot of "purple houses" on it that make Him smile.

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not a slave said...

just God's little children, gathering flowers of love and sacrifice. :-)