Thursday, December 2, 2010

Islam: Dreams of Jesus

We have a friend at seminary who came from a Muslim background. Have you ever heard that lots of Muslims are coming to Christ through dreams? Well, this guy is one of them. Having never heard the story of Christianity, he had a very vivid dream about a man rising from the dead and telling three women to "go and tell the others" about it. Of course he had no idea what or who it was about. His aspiration in life was to be a Muslim missionary to Christians (in the Middle East, many people think all Americans are "Christians.") So he decided to study the Bible to learn more about what these Christians actually believe. When he got to the gospel of John and read about the Resurrection of Jesus, he dropped the Bible, kicked it across the room and said, "God, please don't make me a Christian!" What he read about Christ mirrored his dream exactly though, and he was determined to study more.

Studying the Koran, the Bible, and various historical and philosophical writings, he was deeply troubled in his "quest for truth" about God and who/how to worship. Then, one day he said it all just clicked- in the Cross of Christ he saw God's
justice (that he had learned about in Islam) AND God's mercy (that he heard about from Christianity) in perfect harmony, both fulfilled without canceling each other out. At the Cross, God took punishment for sin that satisfies a Perfect Judge... AND He did it of His own will, giving complete forgiveness of those who truly stand guilty. God is Just and Merciful. And He wants us to know Him (ie. He gives us dreams about Him even when we've never heard of Him!) Now this guy is in seminary so he can go BACK to his home country and tell others about this God named Jesus.

The other cool thing about all this is actually the main reason for this post. Since I work in the office, I get to see some donations come in- and this guy, even though he's from the complete opposite end of the world, has ALL kinds of donations coming in from churches who want to support his education! It's just amazing how the body of Christ- the family of God- is so global and connected. I don't know how he made all these contacts but it's certainly not "daddy's boys" paying his way. Although, I guess in a way it is Daddy's boys...yea :)

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