Monday, January 31, 2011

10 Ways My Husband Challenges Me

I started this blog mainly to write about ways God is working in my life, so there are less "just for fun" posts- but one way God is working in my life is through this person He put next to me 24/7! I've been making a mental list about ways my husband's influence makes me better, and I felt like sharing a few of them with you in his honor. So this is a "just for fun" post that is also ultimately about God's goodness to me :)

1. He chooses things like Mozart's 40th Symphony as our soundtrack for Spring cleaning ventures and car trips.

2. He subscribes to and actually reads political journals and publications (ie. he cares about what's happening in Washington and around the world!)

3. He holds me accountable for my time on Facebook and balks when I try to pick up a trashy magazine at the grocery store.

4. Most mornings when I wake up, he's already sitting in our living room praying.

5. He washes dishes every day, without being asked (hearing that water running is convicting, believe me!)

6. He notices when I'm not doing my reading for classes and he, er...encourages me to keep up.

7. He listens to sermons in his free time, just because he wants to! And it's not like he couldn't say, "oh, I get enough theology every week in school and at church."

8. He makes it very difficult for me to slack off during the work day. Once he even made me go back to the office because he thought I left too early for integrity.

9. He is always asking people how he can pray for them; and then he actually does it.

10. He eats healthy. He drinks healthy. And he actually enjoys exercise!

...OK fine, 11 ways!

11. He reads things like The Brother's Karamazov by Dostoevsky for FUN.


not a slave said...

wow he's way better than you. :-)

Michael said...
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Michael said...

A late #12 addition: she matches my low level of joke-telling (intentionally, I'm sure) so as to hold a humor-mirror in front of me, thus challenging me to climb the humor-ladder.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I love Mozart 40 and Brother's Karamazov! I think we'd get along... good thing I'll meet him on Saturday :)