Monday, January 3, 2011

Trust and Unemployment, Part 2

Recently I've blogged a bit about money- trusting in God to provide, etc. And this is so cool- I have a real life story from a real life friend about this! So first of all, this friend of mine actually gives. What I mean by that is she decided to set a goal for herself to try and give away half her income this year, just because she can! In other words, she's not blowing it on Starbucks, Outback, or movies (things I typically blow money on) but she added up what she needs- rent, groceries, etc- and pledged to give the rest away! So in the month of October she gave away all her excess- about $600.

A lot of Americans (including myself) are trained to think, "man, that's stupid. What if something comes up, like she gets sick or a flat tire and needs that money later?" Well, the next month some things did come up. Her brother got sick and came to live with her for about a month. She had to miss quite a bit of work and buy extra groceries to help take care of him. She also heard back from a missions organization that she had been chosen (they only chose one applicant!) to do an exchange in Africa for the next two months. Which means she needed some extra money on hand for a visa and vaccinations- about $600. If only she had been a good American and hoarded her excess!

There are two really cool parts to God's action in all this. Firstly, He provided almost twice the amount of money she had given away in one fell swoop. Secondly, it was in a way that happened to be something out of her wildest dreams! Let me explain. She's a singer and works really hard to audition to sing with different choirs in New York. So in December, she happened to be online the moment she got an email from her DREAM choir, asking her to fill in to perform in one of their most famous productions of the year, for $1040! She doesn't have a smart phone so she usually has to wait to respond to emails until the evening. Because of that, she had missed other offers to sing that month because other people responded first. But if she had gotten those other jobs, she wouldn't have been available for this one- the best paid one- and the one she wanted more than all the others!

So anyway, this isn't a post to say that saving is bad and we should all be irresponsible, throwing money around and then expect our dreams to come true. It's just a really cool example of someone who responded to God's invitation to give, even when it was kind of scary! -and how God still met her needs, just the way He promised.

"Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness- and all these things shall be added unto you"

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Amanda said...

Incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this story of an obedient disciple and our Lord's provision.