Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Ways My Wife Does the Same For Me

10 ways me Wife wife does the same for me:

1. She doesn't let me get away with simply pontificating about politics, and asks me (holds me accountable for) where I get my information.

2. She makes sure that we never make any medium-large (sometimes small) decisions without praying about it first.

3. She has the courage to try any recipe, even if it calls for things we've never heard of, and it tells us to do things we've never heard of doing.

4. She exercises even when we're snowed-in for four days straight...but will also enjoy a glass of wine and bag of chocolate during dinner.

5. When we're talking about Jesus (with or without someone else), she makes sure it's grounded, and not just an intellectual conversation about a detached topic.

6. She checks blogs, publications and videos (anything she can get her hands on) about real people struggling in real situations and in real need of support; she informs herself on the under-publicized needs of the (usually third) world.

7. She holds me accountable for time watching Television.

8. She remains joyful and peppy even when she is going through something difficult...and if she's even not joyful, she's still got pep!

9. She does not focus all of her attention on her appearance, and what the world thinks of her (yet she's still the most beautiful woman I know).

10. She weeps for joy and for sorrow, allowing her emotions to be seen.

...and just for equal measure...

11. She is humble enough to be able to hearing correction, or a new viewpoint, or guidance in a way that I can only aspire to.

- The Hub

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amy marcy said...

dude, loved reading this. ya'll are too sweet. AND (coming from an ooolder wiiiiser married couple full of advice and cautionary warnings) i don't think that will EVER CHANGE. to a future full of love, that never grows old or withers away. it does exist.