Friday, February 4, 2011

Money and Manna Part 2

This Tuesday we had our first snow day in Dallas- which really was more of an "ice day" because there wasn't a lot of snow, but the streets were like ice rinks! It was actually icy enough that we decided not to drive (which is saying something, since my husband prides himself in being an experienced Jersey driver.) We'd been planning to have dinner at a friend's house that night, and being barricaded in left me wondering, "what will we eat tonight?" (I say me because my husband doesn't think about meals until he's hungry...and one of us plans meals for the week :) The space in our apartment literally gives room for a week's worth of groceries at a time- and at the beginning of the week we planned for dinner at Jade's house on Tuesday night, which meant we didn't buy groceries for a Tuesday dinner this week...and when you have a grocery budget that you need to honor at certain stages in life, one unplanned dinner feels like breaking the bank!

We've been realizing financial "concerns" in a number of areas lately, which is probably what caused me to be a little nervous about what we'd do for dinner; student loans and tuition payments have become a nasty combination when set against a $10 an hour job! So this week we've started praying again about how God might want to provide, how we can practice trusting Him when we can't see what's next, and how we can responsibly steward what we have and even what we don't have.

So God always uses my silly concerns (ie. dinner) to remind me of His character. Being a snow day, our landlords were home too. Around 3 pm they knocked on the door and invited us to have dinner with them for the first time. It was such a small thing, but I know it was my God reminding me that He provides for our every need. And didn't He teach us to pray for no more than our daily bread? Sometimes I get really worked up and want to pressure Him to provide my yearly bread- now!- (or school loan, or tuition payment, or mission trip) but He gently reminds me He hasn't necessarily promised to work that way. He has promised to teach me how to depend on Him and to trust Him to provide enough for today.

Remember the Israelites in the wilderness? God miraculously provided Manna for them daily- and plenty!- but they were instructed not to take more than they needed for that day. (See previous post, "Money and Manna Part 1")

I don't know what He has in store for our financial provision, but I know He is capable. And I know He is good. And I know His main goal is not to make me comfortable- it's to make me confident in Him.

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