Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two More Things

In the theme of my "Money and Manna" posts, I've been pondering God's promises and power to provide lately- and it seems like I've been writing about it a lot, but I think that's because God is just showing me His goodness in this way a lot! Here are two little examples:

1) Michael and I have been praying about where to find more money to pay off student loans while paying his tuition and living expenses. We got the perfect raise at my job to make this possible. Also, out of nowhere, someone sent us $200 cash in the mail yesterday anonymously. This was the same day we took the little girl that we mentor the zoo and couldn't use the discount we planned- so the day cost us WAY more than we budgeted! Our zoo trip (and this week's groceries, and then some!) were paid for by the body of Christ.

2) A friend of mine has also been praying for financial direction and was in a serious budgeting pickle because of a roommate drop out. We prayed together on Monday and wrote out her projected budget, and saw how tight things would be. Later that same day someone left her a check for $4500 as a gift, out of the blue!

To quote my friend, "I can't make this stuff up!"


Lauren said...

Hannah- your posts are always inspiring to me and I love reading them! Similar financial blessings have happened to me recently. God is truly amazing!!!


Lauren said...

Per request of Mrs. King-

When I came back to school this semester, for many reasons, I decided to not continue working. My income would be much limited and I was going to be relying on loans to pay for food, gas, and any "other" expenses.

It got to the point where I wasn't having bread, milk, or any fresh vegetables or fruits because I couldn't afford them. This isn't saying that I was starving. I had plenty of food, it was just all processed and not terribly good for you.

When I started reviewing money for this semester, I discovered that it was going to be a bit tight and I was going to have to scrimp even more. All of the sudden, I had an offer to play piano for Cabaret for about $500 and my grandparents gifted me money specifically for a fresh fruit and veggie fund. This was such a blessing!

THEN I received an offer to play piano for the PCM service at Rider for $35/week. This has been a wonderful gift in two ways. It is another opportunity for me to experience God and it is my "extra" money. While I logically don't need "extra" for anything, as college students, we all know that things happen and arise that require that little extra. It has also allowed me to get some better food, textbook and course supplies, and to get some much needed new shoes (my pair of clogs is down to 1 1/2 shoes...the whole back end broke off) and professional wear for practicum (1 pair of black pants doesn't cut it for elementary).

All this happened without me asking of anyone or really letting anyone outside of my Mom and Dad know the situation.

God is amazing!!!!

NvrlndTnk-Nia Rhein said...

I'm so glad He's providing for you guys, Hannah <3