Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Man of Sorrows

Do you ever stop and notice people?

Yesterday morning at the YMCA for some reason I just, noticed the people around me. I saw them. And it actually made me really sad. There was a blind man setting up his little massage chair, hoping to make a living. An older gentleman was working on a weight machine, trying to keep his heart pumping. A beautiful woman was wearing less clothes than necessary, wanting to be valued.

And I surprisingly shed tears that morning; not because of any catastrophic event or tragedy, but just because I was moved by the brokenness of humanity. I realized that it doesn't take a tsunami to show us that we are in need. We are handicapped, we are tired, we are insecure. We are hurting and dying. We are in desperate need of rescue and redemption.

Maybe this is one of the reasons Jesus was referred to as "a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief." If I was moved to tears with sadness for our race- I, who am largely unaware and unconcerned, skilled at numbing myself to the reality of my own and others' pain- how much more was Christ, Love Incarnate, aware? One who sees us more deeply than we even see ourselves, yet who also loves more deeply than we can fathom- His heart must have been heavy long before He carried a cross up a hill called Golgotha.

His heart is heavy for you.


hyung's blog said...

this post almost had me in tears

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I am disappointed in this post (I appreciate most of your other ones). It seems to me like you were blatantly JUDGING those people you saw that "made you really sad." How do you know that blind man doesn't enjoy what he does? How do you know that his faith isn't greater than yours? Why did the old man on the weight machine make you sad? Shouldn't you be glad that he has the motivation and self-discipline to keep lifting those weights? And as for the woman wearing too little clothing, maybe it was just laundry day and she was actually embarrassed to have to wear those clothes. I don't know exactly what the scenes you saw looked like, but whatever the case, it seems like your "sadness" was actually a feeling of superiority on your part; you were pitying people who didn't necessarily need your pity.

mrWhiskers said...

@ anonymous; can i agree with you, not really, because it seems that you are also judging! And i know that i is not so simple this business of being a Christian, and not "evaluating" what one sees in a world that is broken, is it? I do not know either of you, but i do believe that the verse in Scripture on "judging" is over-used, and often seems to me to be......judgemental. We are all broken and deserving judgement. But for our our sins Jesus paid the ransom...and all that we mess up on!