Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Africa Journals, Part 1

In waiting for the words to come about our trip to Africa, I realized that sharing some of my journal entries might be the best first step! It's amazing to look back and see how God answered my prayers, only not in the way I might have expected or even wanted. I'm constantly amazed at how He knows best and gives best, even when it conflicts with my own definition.

6/15- Flight from Paris to Nairobi:

"On the plane, suspended in time- between my past and my future, my dreams and reality, my questions and answers. Lord, You have brought me to this place. How long it has been in the works! At least 12 years since I've been asking for Africa.
Thank You that this week will be about much more than geography. Lord, I ask that this week You would open my eyes, break my heart, and close my mouth. Let it be humbling. Silencing. Let it be about changing my perspective. Break us out of our American comfort zones.

...I lay down my expectations and all the things unsaid. Speak what You will, how You will, and when You will. Let me be filled in the power of silence and awe. Let me trust Your timing and the clarity of Your voice, just as You taught me to do in coming here. You are purposeful in what You say, and You're never late."

Waking up in Paris, France! Flight #2

Michael preparing his lesson for the Bible School

Crossing the Alps on our way to Nairobi- Flight # 3

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not a slave said...

can't wait to hear what else you saw, learned, experienced! I wear the Africa shirt all the time. :-)