Monday, August 22, 2011

Brain Tumor: A True Story of Wreckage and Redemption

July 13th, 2011. JD and Kacy Neinast heard life-changing news, the kind that turns the world upside down. Brain tumor. Here's what they heard from the Doctor after his MRI:

"He went in last Thursday for the results and was told he has a large tumor on the left side of his
brain. His doctor, Dr. Daniel, at Medical City Dallas, said he has not ever seen one this size that was not cancerous and it looks to be a stage three or four glioblastoma tumor."

Here was what they asked church members to pray for from day one:

"Healing. We have been praying and will continue to pray that God heal and remove this tumor in a way that can only be credited to Him. We fully believe that He can heal Jd without medical intervention and are praying for that."

Here is their latest blog post- please read it! Skilled, experienced members of the medical community confirmed that scans at one point showed an enormous tumor and now show nothing at all.

This is a great story, but what awes me more is how it fits into the larger meta-narrative of God and His people- how it relates to The Story. A long time ago, sin entered a world that was not made for it. Sin broke things, from the eco-system to the human heart. This is evidenced from the rain that refuses to fall in Somalia all the way down to the cancers that rip families apart from the inside. Sin- the curse- broke the world.

...But God. God intervened. He decided to take the curse- that we earned- onto Himself. He took the curse onto His own body on the Cross and bought redemption for this broken world. That means He is going to redeem everything from the eco-system to the human heart. And that is why people like JD Neinast have brain tumors that disappear: because Jesus is showing His authority over all things, and His power to redeem. JD's healing is a blessing, but it's not just about him. The blessing is about Jesus and what Jesus means for a broken world.

Too disillusioned to believe? I can relate. This is all coming from a girl who's father didn't get healed. But I still got the same blessing as JD's family- a deeper, more breathtaking view of Jesus Christ, who took my curse for me. The healing we receive now is still temporary. JD still has a mortal body that will decay in the grave. But all of it- glory in healing and glory in dying well- speak of the One who conquered death for His redeemed.

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