Tuesday, September 13, 2011


If you've been reading this blog very long, you probably know my favorite topic by now. The gospel. It pretty much shapes my life (but really, it does!). I've written a lot about how marriage thus far has taught me more about the gospel (like here and here) and how the role of husband has changed my understanding about Christ (like here). That's in part because it's a common Biblical metaphor for how God chooses to relate to those who are His, and in part because it's my current stage of life!

Our friends Rachel and Jesse are entering a different stage of life, one that represents another amazing picture of the Gospel-
parenting. One of the most powerful ways God illustrates His love is through this amazing phenomenon. (Side note- that's why it can be equally powerful in a negative sense if something damages parent-child relationship!) Anyway, my friends are pursuing a type of parenting that uniquely represents the Gospel. They're pursuing adoption.

There is no more
physically graphic depiction of who God is than adoption. Here are two people preparing to reorient their entire lives for little ones that don't even look like them. They won't be carrying on the Leos bloodline- but the Leos family will call them their own. They won't be entitled to a place in the home as if they were born into it- but the Leos family will invite them in and give them all that is theirs. When their adopted children are older, they'll be able to understand when Rachel says, "You are our very own because we chose you. We sought you out. We came to you and made you ours, and we will never let you go."

This is what God has done for us. He came to where we were. He pursued us while we were still far off. He reoriented His life- left the riches of Heaven- to be near to us and to rescue us into His family. And once we are His, He never lets go.

As a fatherless child, this has been really hard for me to grasp. Sometimes I relate more to the orphan- displaced, neglected, alone- than the loved daughter. But lately, I've been learning about how God helps me with that. He gives me the spirit of adoption by which I learn- ever so slowly- to cry, "Abba!" Daddy! (Romans 8:15) As I cry out to Him, I realize He's safe. He's not going anywhere. He won't let go.

I need to be loved with a love that will not let me go, because I'm prone to wander. I'm prone to live more like an orphan than a loved daughter- to feel unworthy and get ashamed and want to run away because I fear rejection. But God, my adoptive Father, runs after me every time I hide. He reminds me of His covenant love that is unbreakable. He reminds me that He has made me His very own child and that nothing can sever His faithfulness to me.

If you want to see this graphic display of the Gospel- if you want to see in the flesh the reality that has changed my life forever, follow my friends' blog. Support their fundraising efforts. Pray for them. Rejoice with them. Be moved by their story and how it relates to The Story. Here is where they're blogging and accepting donations. Here's where they're selling handmade items to raise money.

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