Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spoken Word: Raging Strong

The worship leader at my church came to know Christ in the hip-hop culture, and he is a talented writer. A few weeks ago he shared this "poem" with our church during the worship service. I wish I could write poems like this!

Raging Strong by Nate Calvin and Isaac Wimberley

Have you ever resisted temptation to the point of shedding blood?
Have you ever endured persecution to the point of giving up?
Do you even recognize the battle raging strong, over your thoughts and purity?
And this battle will last your entire life long.

Here is what I will do, I will try and tell you where this war began
Genesis 1&2, Adam and Eve in the garden walking hand in hand
Eve sunbathing working on her tan while Adam is swinging from the trees just trying to be the man

That is when things were right
There were no murders in the middle of the night
There was no cancer invading bodies, there was no strife
But sin cut the cord of humanity’s life

Genesis 3, Adam and Eve believed the lie
The lie that to this day is still robbing you and I

Here are the lies:

That we are our own purpose

That life exists only on this surface

That love, honor, glory, that we deserve it

You see, we still listen to the serpent

The enemy knows you better than you know yourself
He hates you, he wants to choke out your breath
Stop your heart like cardiac arrest
Ruin you name, your family, your life until there isn’t anything left

But sin set in motion God’s redemptive plan
For God so loved the world that He would send His son to man
To rescue, to redeem, to reconcile all things
And it was in this God-man, that the Father’s fullness was pleased to dwell
And Christ was sent on mission to conquer hell

He would take the sin of the world and bear it as His own
The wrath that His children deserved was transferred to Him alone
And like a lamb led to slaughter, our savior didn’t make a sound
And with His arms outstretched He hung, blood and water flowing down

With my finite mind, it just doesn’t make any sense
That He would get my sin, and I get His righteousness
And so my King, He was put in a grave
Not breathing, His mother weeping, the pre-destined dying day
But three days later the stone had been rolled away
And truth be told, death couldn’t hold, the enemy couldn’t keep Him in that grave

Our Savior is no longer dead
That serpent bruised His heal while Christ’s foot was smashing His head
And our fear and insecurities, those things have been put to bed
We live the life that Christ provides through His dying breath

He is risen from the grave
And God has given Him a name
A name that is worthy to be praised
A name that will forever be proclaimed
The only name that saves


Jesus, God’s only son
There’s a battle raging strong but the war is already won
He sits in victory at His Father’s right side
And yeah, He’s got scars in His hands, scars in His feet, and a scar on His side
But it’s through those scars that we have a life
And it’s through those scars that we have the strength to fight

So let’s fight
Fight with all your might
Don’t waste your life
I’m telling you that there’s going to be strife
But our King holds the keys to hell and He’s about to turn off the light

Believe on Jesus
He was born, died, and was raised to free
He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life—God’s only Son

There’s a battle raging strong but the war is already won.

If you're interested in hearing more spoken word poetry, check out this video!

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