Friday, September 2, 2011

A Third Special Gift

The little girl we shepherd here in Dallas had a birthday recently too, and we celebrated. It was an all out Princess extravaganza. We 6 girls decorated a homemade birthday cake that my cultured eye deemed a resemblance of Picasso's neon period. We painted nails in a tree house. We chased "Mr. Michael" around the pool about a thousand times We drank lots of lemonade.

Many of these party details came together somewhat spontaneously, but the one premeditated part of the day was giving MaKayla her gift: her very own Jesus Storybook Bible. (Side note, I highlyrecommend this Bible, no matter how old you are. Every time I read it, I cry. That's not saying a whole lot if you know me, but still!)

This was not the only gift she got, but we could tell that to her, it was special. On the way back to her house, she held my hand and said, "Hannah, do you have a Bible at your house? I have a Bible." When Mom opened the door, the first thing MaKayla said to her is "Mom, I got a Bible!"

I heard from the staff that MaKayla brought her new gift to school the next day to show her teacher. I am praying- now with my father and husband- that I will have a heart that treasures God's Word as much as my little MaKayla does.