Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Fun- CCEF Trip (and Tripp!)

I wrote a bit about some of the great things I learned this past weekend at the CCEF Conference. Here are some pictures of fun people I got to see!

Working at the Redeemer Booth!

Be sure to notice Paul Tripp's face freeze-framed in the right background.

Kentucky is very proud of its derby (?) heritage.

This is the hotel where the conference was hosted. We loved that it was called the Galt House!

An attempt at a "Beatles" photo op...

Hittin it hard at Panera before the trip home.

This was Michael's "napping" strategy during the 15 hour ride home (with four girls)!

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CCEF said...

Thanks for showing that the CCEF Conference is not only a great learning experience, it's a lot of fun too! So glad you were with us.