Friday, October 21, 2011

What Christians are Saying about Psychiatric Disorders

This weekend Michael and I (and a bunch of other students from Redeemer!) are at the CCEF National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. These are people who do counseling for a living and who are interested in equipping others to do the same. Their approach is pretty holistic, seeing counseling as ministry to a whole person. They emphasize not just treating "brains" but also not just telling people to go memorize a Bible verse to make all their problems go away. Their material has been really helpful for me personally and I've been privileged to hear so many stories of people who've experienced freedom and growth through the wise shepherding of those trained by CCEF.

The theme this year is "Psychiatric Disorders: A Compassionate Look at Complex Problems". So far, it has been amazing. I highly recommend this organization and their material! You can check out the titles of the weekend presentations here- let me know if you're interested in hearing one or more of them- I'd love to share with you! This is an issue that is very far reaching and very personal. Whether from personal experience or from walking with a loved one, we all know how complex it can be to struggle with depression, crippling anxiety, bipolar. We all know there aren't pat answers or quick fixes, and that it's worth thinking well about. It's worth engaging those who are suffering with wisdom and moving toward them with love.

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harlotturnedst said...

hmmm I like this. a lot. currently enrolled in Elijah House prayer ministry, which basically walks people through inner healing... and the Lord keeps bringing me back to that. Isaiah 61... binding up the broken-hearted. Are you thinking about getting involved in counseling as a ministry?

love you, hanner bananer!