Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Traditions (Just Fun!)

Ok I'll admit I'm shamelessly stealing the idea for this post from a friend of mine, but I'm still really excited about it! I have amazing memories from childhood surrounding holiday traditions, and I'm interested in what other families do/have done throughout the years! So if you have a favorite or special holiday tradition, please share it in the comments section of this post. I'd love to know what was meaningful for you growing up or what you've loved doing with your own kids (it never hurts to start thinking ahead, right? :)

Did you ever have a Thanksgiving service? An amazing stuffing pie recipe that you can't miss? What about events leading up to Christmas Day or other family celebrations? And if you have any great resources or links that you'd like to share, I'm really interested in advent readings, Jesse tree suggestions, and of course, anything with chocolate in it!


Laura said...

My family has lots of little traditions- we always go to Fredricksburg on Black Friday, we open 1 present on Christmas Eve, we always order Tamales from this hole in wall in Midland for our Christmas dinner.

Here is a friends blog about traditions:


not a slave said...

tradition, tradition!!