Saturday, December 10, 2011

Awkward Growth

A few nights ago, I helped coordinate and execute a 700 person event. Those of you who know me might giggle trying to imagine me keeping track of the amount of details necessary for running a show that big! Those of you who know my sin struggles might wince trying to imagine me handling the expectations of so many co-workers and collaborators on a night with so much at stake.

Let's just say that God is doing the very thing I've been blogging about these past few weeks: He's been growing me. Giving me a little bit more to practice. Stretching me. Pushing the envelope of my personality by giving my disorganized, forgetful self a bit more responsibility. Challenging the fears deep inside me by forcing me to face others' disappointment with my performance. Encouraging me to step into uncharted waters by calling me to do something I have no "track record" of success in. Allowing me to do something new that might include failure.

He's loving me by making me uncomfortable. He's letting me deal with that anxious knot in my stomach. He's letting me walk where I'm not totally confident walking. He's not sheltering me from discomfort or even failure. He's growing me. He's loving me.

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