Monday, January 9, 2012

Spoken Word Video

I know that Advent is technically over as far as church calendars go, but I found this video in the last few days and want to share it. This is the same guy who wrote the spoken word poetry that I posted a few months back, and I think it's a really helpful explanation of what Advent actually is (other than the time leading up to Christmas). Listening to it reminded me that while the Advent services may be over for the year, the church is still in a season of advent- of waiting for the arrival of Jesus- until He returns. 

Right now if you're experiencing pain, suffering, disillusionment, or heartache, Advent affirms that. It says, "Things are not as they should be. Things are broken. We're awaiting the only One who can heal and restore our broken lives and this broken world." It both acknowledges our current hardship and gives us future hope.

Enjoy! (Sorry I don't know how to imbed it...this is a stone-age blog)
Advent: God With Us

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