Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Than What I Do

This past week, Michael and I went to Red Oak, Texas to stay in his grandparents' little country house for a few days. I don't know if this is me getting old, but it has become such a blessing to be able to spend a few days resting, recuperating, and restoring every now and then. Sleeping late, drinking coffee, reading, cooking, sitting on the porch, staring out the window (we saw three road-runners! Yes, like in the cartoon!) were like medicine for my soul. Having a very "busy" personality, it has taken practice for me to actually enjoy a weekend of "slow." In fact, it still takes practice; but it's well worth it! 

Another aspect of my "busy" personality likes to say that God couldn't possibly be pleased with me doing anything other than, well, doing. What am I "doing" for God? How am I accomplishing anything? How is sitting around and having a good time giving Him glory? The last few years, God has been changing my mind about that. 

He's invited me to take time to notice what He's made. (Texas wildflower, bluebonnet!)

To come up with monster pancake recipes and praise Him for the combination of peanut butter and banana. 

To enjoy the man He has given me. (Yes, taking embarrassing pictures of him dozing off counts as enjoying!!)

To quiet my soul enough to listen and hear from Him.  

I'm learning that there's more to God-- and my relationship with Him-- than just what I "do" for Him. I'm learning. 


Cameron Shaffer said...

I'm really glad y'all had a good time. Love the Michael photo.

not a slave said...

last night I dreamed that I was wearing the "I heart Africa" shirt and people were wanting it!!