Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Reminder

This past weekend, I flew to Orlando, FL to represent Redeemer Seminary at the Gospel Coalition Women's Conference. It was exciting to see so many women interested in studying God's Word and to get to hear some of their stories. 

I'm hoping to share a bit more about it soon, after I've processed some more. One thing, however, doesn't need to be processed-- only repeated. Don Carson preached this morning on the book of Revelation, a book of the Bible that Christians have historically understood as a poetic description of certain things about the future of the world. Don focused his message on "the new heavens and the new earth," what things will be like for those who are in Christ after Christ's bodily return to the earth. The whole message was great, but one part in particular reminded me of what I've been thinking and writing about recently. 

In essence, he said, "Those of you in the best marriages, experiencing the greatest joy and sweetest pleasures here, can be reminded that all of it was only ever meant to be a picture of what is to come. It is a dim reflection, a small taste of the sweetness and intimacy that we'll experience with our Bridegroom when He returns. And those of you who are single, and who long for such an experience; you can be reminded that all your longings will one day be more than fulfilled. The depth of companionship and intimacy that you'll one day know with Christ, your Bridegroom, will far outweigh any sorrow you know here while in wait." 

I am thankful for marriage, that gives me a dim reflection of what my relationship with Jesus is like and will be like-- I pray that my marriage reflects it to others! But I'm also thankful for singleness, that reminds me that the Story is not quite finished yet-- that there is a Bridegroom coming. Those who belong to Jesus-- who have put their trust in Him-- await His coming with hope. 

Marriage points to the relationship. Singleness point to the eager expectation of it. Both make me long for His return to experience it in fullness. 

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