Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mercy Project

The last few days of my life have been unexpected, challenging, and fruitful. I'm still processing, but hope to write more about what's been going on in the Kings' world soon. In the meantime, this post is overdue: 

A lady whose blog I read from time to time featured this ministry recently. In fact, she asked me to participate in a Labor Day blog sync (or whatever one calls those bloggy things) so that 100 bloggers would share the good news that God is bringing out of the bad news of child trafficking around the world. 

Unfortunately, I'm both forgetful and technologically challenged so I both forgot and didn't know how to get this video on my blog. But as I was about to give up trying, someone walked into my office who knew how to do it. And so, here it is.

Here is a quote from her blog post about this:

"Today I'll watch my kids with loving wonder and ask myself the same question I've asked more times than I can count.  What if my children were enslaved?  My answer brings an uncomfortable dissonance because I know what I'd do if these were my kids. I'd wage an all-encompassing, bloody, sweaty fight for them. Real life as we know it would be over until they were free.  All hands would be on deck.  Until my kids were safe and sound - in my arms - exactly where they belong, there would be no rest - for anyone.

So what is it about the ocean that causes my resolve to weaken?  If I want my children to live in a world free of injustices like child slavery, child labor, and child trafficking, what am I personally doing as a mother to fight towards that end?  These questions siphon sleep from me at night.         

Today I'm grateful for the many voices (many of them women) who are raising awareness about child labor, child trafficking, and what Mercy Project is doing to free enslaved kids in Ghana.  I know I've talked a great deal about the work Mercy Project is accomplishing in Africa.  Being a modern-day abolitionist is closely linked to my faith, and I'm grateful to personally know the people behind Mercy Project. I'm thankful they allow many of us to put feet to our faith and join them in bringing freedom to children in slavery."

One thing that stuck me is-- these Ghanian boys and girls may not be her children, or mine, but they are God's-- and all we have to do is look at the Cross to see what kind of an "all-encompassing, bloody, sweaty fight" He put up to set His children free.

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