Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sacred, Not Secular

A few King things from this month...

We babysat four kids from our church. This was during a trampoline session. The littlest one was happy, I promise. She just liked clinging to the biggest, safest one on the tramp.
 We went to a "cheese tasting" class at a local shop for my birthday. (Yes, my birthday was in August and it took me until October to make a decision about how to spend my gift $$!) Two hours of cheese was a perfect choice.
 In an effort to take advantage of our downtown location (and jump at our first chance to actually wear warm clothes in Dallas), we walked to a local museum on a free day. By far our favorite "work of art" was the outdoor garden.
I am addicted to brussel sprouts. I could eat them like popcorn. (There, I said it.) They were out of the conveniently packaged ones last week, so we bought a...stalk? A bushel? not sure. Needless to say, Michael had fun being creative while he, er, plucked it.

The past few years at seminary, I've been learning that it's false to think of "sacred" things and "secular" things as distinct from each other. God created our world, so all of it belongs to Him. He has stamped His name on everything-- from brussel sprouts to gardens to dairy products-- and my "Christian education" is not impeded by breaks to go to a museum or jump on a trampoline or eat cheese. In fact, I've been learning to think of those things as part of my Christian education. What do I mean? I mean I've been challenged  to approach my Hebrew homework as part of my daily worship and devotion, and to approach a day off to do something fun as more of the same-- an act of worship and devotion. 

Do you tend to make a distinction between "sacred" and "secular" things? What might it look like if you saw all of your life as sacred-- having to do with God-- instead?

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