Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Help: What Should I Write?

I have been blogging here for almost three years now, and while I was somewhat nervous to start, I'm really glad I did it anyway, because it has been such a good exercise for me. I wanted an opportunity to practice communicating what is most important to me: how Jesus Christ is changing my life and my relationship to the world around me. I've hoped it would be a little window into the world of a Christian, ie. here's how [this] Christian thinks about food, growing up without a father, sex, recycling, her favorite musical, etc. I've hoped it would be an honest reflection of my own story and how Christ entering it has changed everything, and that it would be relevant to others, wherever they may be on their journey. So, while I absolutely write for "my own health," I also want it to something that actually ministers to whoever reads it. 

That said, I'm asking for your help. If you read my blog, why? Are there certain issues you are hoping I'll address here? Are there certain topics you like reading about, or others you wish I'd drop? Do you have any suggestions for future posts or series? I can, and most likely will, keep writing about whatever is floating around in my head-- for my own health!-- but I would love to know what, if anything, I can write that would minister to you. You can respond in the comments section, or message me privately if you have something to share! I really would love to hear from you!

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog because it rings true to my experiences also. So often as Christians we are faced with issues that seem insurmountable- I am grateful to know that someone else has experience this and shares the way that God has come through for them! I would like to see more written about your experiences with the Christian church and faith- how these experiences have shaped your worldview. How would your life be diffrent without the love and forgiveness of God? How do you reach people who have not experienced this, or maybe who have had such scarring experiences with the church that they dont want to go back? Or just keep writing you as you- it is wonderful!