Friday, April 26, 2013

Dreaming about the Future, Pt. 2: Update (Or, the Lack Thereof)

Last week, I wrote about a post-seminary opportunity that materialized and our excitement over the possibility of what is next. I shared that as much as I love to dream and gaze at the horizon, I realized last week that my calling is to remain present here and now; to invest in the people and place He's given me for this season. 

This week, we spoke over the phone with the people who looked at our resumes, and the conversation was...inconclusive. As disappointed as I was not to hear "yes," and as curious as I remained at not hearing, "no," I immediately knew that this was the Lord's kindness to me. If I heard yes, I would be that much more tempted to "check out" of Dallas-- to disconnect from the present-- and begin planning my life in another context. If I heard no, I would be that much more tempted to go back to the drawing board and look aggressively for another option, or to crumple in discouragement and disappointment over the loss of this goal. 

Remaining in limbo, however, forces me to remember that the horizon is still unclear, and that it is out of my hands. It reminds me that my calling is not to have it all figured out, but to trust God-- something I'm still learning how to do. And it encourages me to reflect on His character, which He has proven in my life time and again; even-- and especially-- in seasons where He doesn't let me call the shots. 

What concerns distract you from living well now? What would trusting God with them look like? Can you see evidences of His kindness toward you, even if they don't feel good right now? 


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Cameron Shaffer said...

And it reminds you to not forget your lowly Dallas friends.