Saturday, June 1, 2013

What I Saw This Week

I haven't written in over a week because I've been a little distracted. First, by this: 


then by this: 

and this: 

First on a weekend visit to Colorado then on a week-long road trip to Idaho, I was blessed this past week to see parts of America I never had before, with friends from three different seasons of my life. As I beheld the unfolding countryside and listened to the unfolding stories of my friends, I was awed by my Creator in a new way. 

I saw His creative work in the world around me and heard of His redemptive work in their lives. I was reminded of His ability to create beauty out of materials I would deem ugly-- sand, rock, and salt-- and of His promise to do the same in our lives, when we let Him. I was moved by the unique power of the gospel to bring joy out of suffering, dancing out of mourning, glory out of shame, life out of death. I was reminded that God creates and recreates; giving us life but also making us new, no matter how much the locust has eaten or the thief has stolen. 

I was encouraged to say "yes" to His re-creation in my own life, and "yes" to His invitation to be a part of His redemptive artistry around me. I know this means letting Him in to places that are wounded, painful, and broken; I know it means allowing Him to show me how I've contributed to that same pain in others; I know it means letting go of control as to how my own story will end and giving creative license over to Him, no matter what. But I also know it means deeper healing than I could secure for myself; greater joy than I could attempt to hoard through circumstances; and a bigger Story than I could possibly write on my own. It means giving myself over to His artwork, which is able to transcend the raw materials of my life and incorporate them into a beauty that showcases Him. 

It's a beauty worth seeing.

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