Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inch by Awkward Inch

Some of you know the story of how I fell in love with my husband. Others of you don't, so I'll just summarize it like this: it was slow. From day one of our knowing each other, he saw what I didn't: that we were perfect for each other. So for the next two years, he patiently convinced me. And I came around, but not in one fell swoop. I came around inch by awkward inch. 

The other day I heard the song to which we had our first dance and I remembered this awkward (and long) transition stage in our romance. It was after a formal event that he had invited me to attend with him, but I had turned him down (exhibit A of my Heisman-like resistance and his optimistic persistence). So he came by my dorm room to say hello afterward, still in his formalwear. I met him outside where he had parked his car; his keys were in the ignition, music was playing through the open doors, and he asked me to give him one dance. It was slightly raining. He was in a suit and I was in pajamas. 

Sounds romantic, right? The funny thing is the whole time, what was going through my head was, "I guess this is romantic. I just don't think I really like this guy that much." Today, what goes through my head when I remember this scene is, "What was I thinking? Moron." In other words, since that day, my perspective has changed. Someone I once saw as "not my type" is actually the most amazing person I've ever met. My feelings about him went from ambivalence to awe. 

I think this is how some of us feel about Jesus. He's like that really good guy who unwaveringly pursues us with kindness, goodness, truth and beauty. And for various reasons, we see him as kind of blah. Not our type. We hear about his incredible love or his world-changing goodness and think, "I guess he's really great. I just don't think I really like him that much." But over time, things can change. Because He sees what we don't see-- that actually, we're perfect for each other-- and He's willing to help us come around. 

So I encourage you: even if you're not head over heels for Jesus-- even if you haven't decided you want to belong to Him in one fell swoop-- don't be closed to the possibility that your perspective could still change. He just might turn out to be the most amazing person you've ever met. And you just might come around inch by awkward inch. 

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