Sunday, October 19, 2014


In my little corner of the world, the seasons are changing. It's getting colder outside. The voice of the wind is deepening. Even the trees are transforming;  their leaves indicate that summer is dying a slow, beautiful death as they turn from green to gold and then cover the earth with their memories. 

In my little corner of the world, the seasons are changing. And at times the change is painful; I miss the summer's nurturing warmth and its cheery, sunlit paths. I miss the languidness of rest in the bright, familiar sun. At times I find myself bracing against this new cold, this harsher wind, this death of the green I'd come to love. 

And yet looking out my window this morning I am reminded that this death is necessary for continued growth. The provision of God in the past was perfect for that time in my life, for that season of my soul. But He has brought me somewhere new; somewhere with its own beauty, its own warmth, its own vibrancy. And so I'm learning to give myself to this transformation. To let God turn my green to gold and yes, even to let the precious leaves I've collected thus far in life to fall to the ground and become memories. 

Because looking out my window this morning I'm reminded that even those memories won't be wasted. Parts of me and parts of my story must die, yes, but their remains will fertilize the very soil that feeds me with new life. I am being pruned, it's true, but in order to bear more fruit. 

And so I say goodbye to summer-- the warm, nurturing season of enjoyment and rest in God's good work in my life so far-- and I welcome the change with its pain and its beauty. And I am comforted, because as I gather the leaves that have fallen and are falling I remember how each of them was also born through this very process: death first, and then new life. Each of them was born through the pain, struggle, and pruning that preceded it. 

The God who changes the seasons of my life wastes nothing. In Him, even death is made beautiful-- because in Him, even death gives way to new life. 

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Brooke said...

I was just reflecting on the changing seasons (if you can call it that in Texas...) the other day, similar to what you wrote, but nowhere near as eloquent. :) Thanks for putting it into words! Miss you guys.