Thursday, January 22, 2015

(Spiritual) Puberty

Lately, I’ve had trouble writing because I haven’t been able to find my “voice.”

I think it’s because I’m going through puberty.

That awkward phase when things are changing—deepening, strengthening—by way of crackles and coughs. That awkward phase when you are growing into who you’re meant to be.

I am most certainly in a season of growth, and a natural one at that. But in some ways, I’m realizing, this is just the Christian life. To belong to Christ means that my identity has been forged in Him—and that I will be growing into it until I see Him face to face.  To lay hold of Him is to journey with Him from the old to the new, from death to life, from one degree of glory to the next. He has come to make all things new, which includes me.

So I think I need to get used to the transition, to the growth, to the fact that my voice might perpetually crack a bit. And I shouldn’t let that keep me from writing, or singing or speaking or from anything else He calls me to do; because it’s in the very exercise of my voice that I discover it. It’s in the very practice of faith that I discover new ways of inhabiting it.

We never grow by remaining stagnant until it’s safe to move. We grow by taking one wobbly, awkward step after another.

Wherever you are in your relationship with God—whatever you sense He might be doing (or not doing) in your life—I encourage you to embrace the awkwardness of the journey and keep moving forward.

It might just be that in the practice of faith, you will find it.