Friday, January 20, 2017

Sappy Mom Stuff

This past Sunday our son Isaiah was baptized. If you've ever laid eyes on my child before, you'd know that he is objectively the cutest baby of all time, so I naturally giggled and stared at him endlessly and took a thousand pictures of him in his bowtie. However, I also was moved by how sobering the experience ended up being for me. 

Presenting him to our church and asking them to make vows on his behalf-- "will you do all in your power to support these persons in their life in Christ?"-- was a surprisingly vulnerable moment. And presenting him to God and making vows of my own-- "will you be responsible for seeing that the child you present is brought up in the Christian faith and life?"-- was humbling. 

In the aftermath, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with Isaiah, for him to read one day (once he can read :) Writing this little letter to him reminded me of the words I wish I could now read from my own father who has left this place; but it also reminded me of all those who have been raised in the Church and who are not sure what their baptism might or might not mean to them now. So I share this letter with you on behalf of sappy moms everywhere. 


My Son, 

On Sunday, January 15th, 2017, you were baptized at Truro Anglican Church. There is so much I could say about it! Your grandparents were all there. Your godmother Kate flew in. She-- and all of us-- took vows on your behalf. It was a humbling and sobering privilege to pledge before God to "do all in our power" to support you in your life in Christ. 

My precious son, I know I have and will fall painfully short of living up to this vow. I am so sorry for the times I let you down-- the times I fail to love, to model and point to the good; for the times I am selfish or proud or hardened toward you and toward the world. I ask for your forgiveness and I invite you to take whatever pain I've caused to our Lord. He alone is the perfect father, the perfect mother, the perfect friend. He is the Source and Perfection of my love for you, and He alone is your hope. 

My sweet son, I hope to devote my life to showing you the beauty of Christ by my words and actions. He has given you everything, including His very self: "this is my body, broken for you." He is the great treasure to lay hold of in this life. We long for you to respond to His grace and make Him your own, just as He has made you His-- but the choice is yours. Every day for as long as you live, He offers Himself to you. No matter what you have done, how much you have strayed, how much you doubt. He is the Rock from which you were hewn, and there is no shadow of change with Him. In all your wanderings, He is your home. 

I know from experience that we-- your physical parents-- may not always be here for you. As much as we want to be, we might not have that privilege. But we are not your hope, my son. He is. Look to Him. 

I love you so much,

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